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Health Care

Seemoto is the solution for end-to-end Health Care cold chain monitoring. It provides comprehensive tools for medical tracking and product safety management creating automated processes with wireless sensors and cloud based web service.

Seemoto enables monitoring and tracking of moving and static assets, like fridges, transportation boxes, warehouses, cold storages, etc. It is extremely easy to install and scalable from the small businesses to the enterprise ones.

Seemoto functionalities have been developed together with pharmaceutical wholesalers, transportation companies, hospitals and other cold chain participants to meet the needs of cold chain monitoring.

Hospital pharmacies and Laboratories

Seemoto provides ready solution for Hospital pharmacy and laboratory temperature monitoring from fridges, cold storages and transportation boxes.

The system provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time. If temperatures limit values are exceeded, the service automatically sends alerts on your mobile and email.

With Seemoto's automatic alerts, daily reports and minimized manual measurement process you can ensure medicine quality and safety.


Community pharmacies

Seemoto is easy solution for community pharmacy's temperature monitoring from fridges and indoor air. With wireless technology it's easy to install in any location and using automatic alerts system will be invisible unless temperature excursion occurs.

When alert is triggered system will send SMS or/and email to one or multiple persons. Alerts messages can also have different contacts during opening and closing times.