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Products and services

Seemoto Web

Seemoto Web is web-based user interface that makes it possible to monitor your mobile and static assets through web browser anywhere and anytime.



Seemoto Travel Reporter

Seemoto Travel Reporter is an FREE application that enables mobile phone tracking by just pressing one button.



Seemoto Mobile

Seemoto Mobile is an application that enables asset tracking and monitoring directly from your mobile phone.



MGW Gateway

MGW combines small size, reliability, high degree of integration and TGG base station functionality.



TGG Gateway

The gateway is the heart of every local sensor cloud. The gateway establishes a local ZigBee wireless network and transmits the data of all the sensors within the range to the Seemoto Server.




EcoTracker is a battery oprerated tracking device, targeted for tracking assets when there is no power available.



TS - Temperature Sensor

TS is the temparature sensing node of the Seemoto system.



TS - Logger

TS-Logger (based on TSi) is the temperature sensor for transportation boxes. It provides accurate, realtime temperature information to the system and has logging capabilities, ON/OFF-switch and LED indicator.



THS - Temperature and Humidity Sensor

THS - Temperature and Humidity Sensor THS is the temparature and humidity sensing node of the Seemoto system.



PS - Pulse Sensor

PS - Pulse sensor can detect a state change of a relay output. It may also be used as a pulse counter.