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Solution components

Improve your assets management with Seemoto

Seemoto improves your assets manageability and shifts your business from reactive mode towards proactive and predictive. Take advantage of your company assets capability to produce information with Seemoto - Increase your productivity, create new business models, renew your company operations and increase your competitiveness.

Visibility and Traceability – In real time and in history – What, When and Where.

Easy Installation


Using wireless technology and small size devices enables versatile installations to otherwise challenging environments.

  • Wireless local communication - No cables needed for communication between devices or Seemoto service

  • Automated data collection – Increases the reliability and efficiency

  • Novel, unique devices – possible to get tailored models for your certain needs


Web Interface


With Seemoto web based user interface you can monitor your mobile and static assets through web browser anywhere and anytime.

  • Online access to real-time and history data of your assets

  • Data in one place - safe, secured and backed-up

  • Create reports with versatile report tools

  • Create alerts to your mobile phone and email for customized events


Sharing & Integration


Seemoto has scalable JSON and XML data transfer interfaces that let you embed functionality and everyday usefulness of Seemoto service into your own systems, applications and services, and overlay your own data on top of them.

  • Integrate with external systems, devices and services

  • Share information with customers and partners

  • Build your own systems, applications and services on top of Seemoto WSN